MEETINGS - feel the pulse of today’s video and performance art
- unfolds in unexpected contexts and locations in rural Jutland



MEETINGS is a video and performance project taking place in the 7 municipalities (Herning, Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Ikast-Brande og Skive) included in the Cultural Collaboration in Central and West Jutland in 2016-2019, with particular focus on the area around Nissum Fjord.
During the 4-year period, we invite international contemporary artists for shorter or longer residences in the Central and West Jutland area to produce a number of videos and performances dealing with, taking place in, and produced in collaboration with the Central and West Jutland area - an artistic look at the area seen from the outside. The project will be a manifestation and development of the area's identity through the production and presentation of art works created by artists in collaboration with the area.
The project will have 2 festivals - 1.-10. September 2017 and 30. August - 8. September 2019 – where we will show the produced works among other things. We will also seek to exchange and show the produced works elsewhere.
The association ET4U in collaboration with a wide variety of other associations and institutions organizes MEETINGS, including the Nissum Fjord Network, the Museum of Religious Art and Lemvig Municipality represented in MEETINGS' steering committee. The Culture Agreement for Central and West Jutland 2015-2018 (The Ministry of Culture), Central Denmark Region, European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Lemvig Municipality, The Obel Family Foundation and The Danish Arts Foundation support MEETINGS.


What happens during the MEETINGS Festival 1.-10. September 2017?
For the festival 1.-10. September 2017 the following new works produced specifically for MEETINGS based on the artists' residency in Central and West Jutland 2016 and 2017 will be shown:
A video work in Staby by Anne Loubet (France) and Sophie-Charlotte Gautier (France).
A performance work in Nees-Skalstrup by Leena Kela (Finland) and Jean-Léon Pallandre (France).
A video work in Lemvig by Jette Ellgaard (DK) and Amanda Kerdahi (Egypt).
A performance work in Thyborøn by Molly Haslund (DK) and Will Owen (USA).
Five video works in the project TIME, SITE & LORE by Gigi Scaria (India), Bassem Yousri (Egypt), Sadik Kwaish Al Fraji (Iraq / Netherlands), Yuval Yairi (Israel), Gunilla Josephson (Canada / Sweden). TIME, SITE & LORE works will be shown in the following locations during the festival: The Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede, Struer Museum, Fur Fossils 55 million years, Lemvig Museum, Sdr. Lyngvig, Humlum, Oddesund Nord, Stenøre - Fur Harbour and Rom.


In addition to the above-mentioned new works, the festival will show a number of already produced works, curated by: Leena Kela (Finland), Gigi Scaria (India), Benoît Ménéboo (France), Michal Kindernay (Czech republic), Amanda Kerdahi (Egypt/USA), Eto Otitigbe (Nigeria / USA) and Klavs Weiss (DK).


Admission is free to all the video and performance presentations during the MEETINGS festival (except the video presentations at the museums in the TIME, SITE & LORE project, where normal museum admission is paid), and a program and subsequently a catalog will be published in both print and a web version.

Find the program for the MEETINGS festival 1-10 September 2017 here


Open symposium at Skærum Mølle 31 August - 4 September 2017
Everyone is very welcome to attend the symposium – join us and meet the artists behind the works
During the festival there will be an open symposium with participation of all the artists who have produced new works for MEETINGS.


During the symposium, we will in the daytime go around by mini-bus/car and see all the festival's video and performance works, and in the evening, there will be video screenings and artist talks. Find a more detailed program for the symposium here on the website from 1 August.


Participation in the day as well as evening programs is free and driving around will be at one's own expense. We hope that the symposium will be an informal networking meeting for visual artists, curators, villagers and other interested parties.


Price for board and lodging at Skærum Mølle during the whole symposium is 2840 DKK per person. You can also participate in the program for a day or two and you can choose to arrange for meals yourself or order meals no later than 24 hours before - Lunch package: 100 DKK incl. 1 soft drink, evening buffet: 200 DKK incl. 1 glass of wine, 1 beer or 1 soft drink.


Call Karen Havskov Jensen on tel. +45 2065 1830 or send an email to karenhavskov(at) for registration. 


Find the program for the symposium here 


The Folk University Centre Skærum Mølle, Skærum Møllevej 4, DK-7570 Vemb



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