Anne Loubet (France)

Still from "Brame"

Anne lives and works in Marseille. She carries out straight portrait photography throughout personal series or commissioned works. She uses a frontal approach and loves to meet her subject in their environment, to create a dialog with them.
She lives by meeting humans in order to resist and to exist. Wondering about the fragility of our existence, she developed several works with old people, to question our ideals, our old age representation and fears. She loves to use humor and empathy to reveal our human being conflict.
As she cares about giving a voice to her portraits, she collaborates with Sophie-Charlotte Gautier, film director, to have a dialogue with the sound. Within the framework of an artists residence, their duet has developed a documentary approach, which looks for a balance between photography and moving pictures.
“La Java Bleue” (doc, 26', 2011) is a progressive excursion into the world of people with Alzheimer's disease.
“Brame” (doc, 23', 2014) is a spiritual journey into a territory in the North of France.
These movies rewarded in festivals, open for her a writing territory that she can keep digging in. She collaborates at present on multimedia projects in the territory of Marseille, Provence.
The transmission means a lot to her and she is involved in image education workshops for young people and adults.
She has collaborated with a national press magazine, institutional partners, and publishing houses.
Anne claims the plurality of her course as a wealth.


Anne Loubet is participating in a MEETINGS project in Staby 2016-17 in collaboration with Sophie-Charlotte Gautier.



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