Molly Haslund (Denmark)

1000 WOODEN BALLS 2015, Peekskill, New York. Photo: Joe-Joe Orangias

Molly Haslund graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen (2000-2005) and Glasgow School of Art (MFA, 2003-2005).
Haslund works in the intersection between sculpture, installation and performance, integrating elements from pop culture, performing arts, literature and music into a multifaceted artistic practice. Through various strategies, Haslunds’ work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected with, and continuously negotiated through, bodily gestures, rituals, social designs and arrangements of our physical surroundings. In her performances, she occasionally integrates biographic elements, often with a humorous touch, as well as elements from the lives of famous and less famous artists and performers. With her interest in physicality related to history, social environment and the present moment, her pieces are rarely constructed or performed the same way twice but are usually developed locally or adapted to new locations in dialog with the given context.     
Haslund has been engaged in a number of international collaborations. With the artist duo Lone Twin and four other international artists, she developed and staged performances between 2006-2010, touring all over Europe.
In 2014 Haslund was Artist in Residence through Danish Arts Council in the international residency program ISCP in New York City.
Lately the core of her practice has been her interactive sculptures and functional objects – as the selection exhibited at MOMA, Roskilde, Denmark (2013) and the sculpture park Wanås Konst, Sweden (season 2014) Alongside Haslund has developed solo performances investigating music in relation to existential and cultural issues.
In 2015 Haslund was Artist in Residence at Flux Factory, NYC, and in Munic, Germany she did a residency and solo show at Gallerie FOE.


'I often construct a real, but humorous and absurd universe in my work. Through these I depict joys and conflicts in the paradoxes that exist in commonplace objects and situations, in cultural rituals, music and pop culture. Through constructed challenges and personal statements I aim to create new poetic understandings and visual tableaux of joyful melancholy'


Molly Haslund is participating in a MEETINGS project in Thyborøn 2016-17 in collaboration with Will Owen.


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