Will Owen (USA)

‘BreadBand’, an interactive sound / performance piece, Will Owen did in Aarhus, Denmark, at both Kunsthal Aarhus and ARoS Art Museum in May 2015.


Will Owen, originally from North Carolina, US, is an artist, composer, and curator currently based in Queens, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Will studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and also holds a BFA in Design Communications and BMS classical contra bass performance from Belmont University. He is currently an artist in residence at FluxFactory (NYC) and a curator at Little Berlin Gallery (Philadelphia, PA). Will works mainly with the mediums of Audio Design, Installation Design, and Food.
Directly interested in audience participation, many of his installations and performances require activation by visitors / attendees for the works to be completed. Often with Will’s work, there are no passive audiences, but a collaborative involvement, which allows the audience to be as crucial as the works themselves.
Will has exhibited internationally and domestically in the United States:
In 2014, Will was invited by the city of Philadelphia to create a public sculpture in Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River. In 2015, Will was an invited artist to Aarhus Art Weekend, Copenhagen Art Weekend, and also performed 2 solo works in ARoS and Kunsthal Aarhus. Will has also participated in CEC Artslink Art Prospekt Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2015. In spring of 2016, Will was the lead organizer and co-curator of the Fung Wah Biennial. A multi-city art exhibition that turned public buses into mobile art galleries.
Most recently in June 2016, Will Owen was invited to participate in a community based art workshop in which 25 international artists lived in a fishing village, Siglufjördur, in northern Iceland. Will collaborated intensely with the local community to create sculptures, land art, concerts, a cookbook, and events based on the residents interests and requests. The collaborative workshop has since informed his practice as being more participatory for larger groups of people and focusing on local or regional interests and traditions.

Will Owen is participating in a MEETINGS project in Thyborøn 2016-17 in collaboration with Molly Haslund.

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